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If you want to have a wild time in Las Vegas then the best way to do that is with throwing a Las Vegas bachelorette party. Enjoy some of the coolest Vegas clubs and restaurants in town. Maybe you want to party but want it done on the mild side and if so, then that’s fine! We can help plan the perfect night out regardless of how you would like to spend it – wild or mild.

When you throw a bachelorette party except only women to be there. This gives you a chance to really have some fun without the men around. Learn how to pole down or watch your friend’s pole dancing the night away. You can get a limo to pick you and your friends up from wherever you are staying.

There’s a variety of packages to pick from and the prices vary with each package. You can enjoy champagne in the limo and you won’t have to worry about waiting in long lines in order to get into some of the hottest clubs in Vegas. Enjoy bottle and table service and make it a night that you and your friends will always remember.

Just call us with any questions and we’ll be happy to help you!

Call (702) 351-7179 for more information and reservations.

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