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When you want to visit Las Vegas it is important that you book the vacation that you are having ahead of time. If you don’t then you might have problems with getting a good room and sometimes might not even be able to get a flight. If you are having a hard time then Party Las Vegas can help you. Did you wait to the last minute or do you want to plan ahead of time? We can help you out with both. Do you want to visit Las Vegas because of a boxing match, convention or maybe even a concert that is going on? We will make sure that you have the best hotel and reserve the spot for you. People from California can expect a drive of at least four and a half hours whenever these events are happening in Vegas and so no matter where you are from, you should plan everything ahead so you’ll get there on time. You can review the Calendar Events Las Vegas below. If you don’t see an event that is happening in Vegas listed then call and ask us about it. Sometimes what is going on in Las Vegas is not always listed on our site. Do you have friends and family coming with you? We will also book everything for them so just let us know when you call us how many will be with you and if they will be going to the event with you and we will book everyone at once. Call (702) 351-7179 for more information and reservations. Here’s the Calendar events Las Vegas listed below:

January New Year’s Eve/Day BOOK VERY EARLY Room rates sometimes are doubled, so book early to get a good rate. Beauty salons will be booked to the hilt for the big night and many restaurants will be doing extravagant New Year’s dinner packages. If you’re driving back to California, expect the four-and-a-half-hour drive to take six to eight hours. You’d be better off sticking around an extra day if you can. For New Year’s Eve events.

CES– first week BOOK VERY EARLY The Consumer Electronics Show draws 115,000 conventioneers for a week looking at the latest in gadgetry. Watch out for limited flights and corporate-booked room blocks.

Super Bowl Weekend BOOK VERY EARLY One of the bigger weekends in Vegas. The busiest weekend for sports books. For Super Bowl parties.

February Valentine’s Day BOOK EARLY If this day falls on or near a weekend, count on the hotels being busy. A huge number of people flock to Vegas every Valentine’s Day to get married, so booking a chapel might be a challenge. Regardless of what day Valentine’s falls on, many restaurants will feature dinner specials for two. For Valentine’s Day suggestions.

Men’s Apparel Guild of CA (MAGIC)– third week BOOK EARLY Once dedicated to just men’s clothes, this convention that brings in over 110,000 people now includes women’s fashion. Expect celebs galore either hawking their own clothing line, or just getting a sneak preview of what they’ll be wearing to the next awards ceremony.

President’s Day Weekend BOOK VERY EARLY This is one of the first holidays of the year. Plus, it’s still freezing in many parts of the country. Many visitors book their late-winter vacations to take advantage of the extra days off.

March NASCAR BOOK VERY EARLY This event has been held in Vegas for several years and it draws an insane number of racing fans. The various driving experiences (CART Driving 101, Richard Petty Driving Experience and the Derek Daly racing school) have fewer track opportunities because of NASCAR’s use of the track. Also, the race-related NASCAR Cafe tends to be packed this time of year.

ShoWest– first or second week BOOK EARLY A movie theater convention which brings a number of Hollywood stars to town. Get your autograph book ready. This is one of the big events in Calendar events Las Vegas.

St. Patrick’s Day BOOK EARLY Perhaps not a recognized holiday in some circles, Vegas will look for any reason to celebrate. In this case, everyone’s Irish for a day, or even a weekend, and the Irish pubs around town will be bursting at the seams. For places to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

March Madness– mid March-early April BOOK EARLY College Basketball fans go nuts for the finals and the opportunity to watch the big games on the massive televisions found in Vegas sport books. Expect sports books to be crowded, especially during the first week of April for the final games.

Spring Break / Easter– Varies BOOK EARLY College students and families, especially from the still cold East Coast, flock to Vegas to enjoy sunshine and Vegas entertainment. Expect the restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment to be busy but not unbearably busy.

April National Association of Broadcasters – first week BOOK EARLY For all things broadcasting, this convention keeps growing every year. Expect the fancier restaurants to stay packed for this week.

May Cinco de Mayo BOOK EARLY Like anyone needs an excuse to drink margaritas and eat chips and salsa. This holiday is a time to celebrate with a Mexican flair. For places to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Memorial Day Weekend BOOK VERY EARLY This is a big one. The three-day weekend is an excuse for a non-stop party for many out-of-towners and locals.

July Fourth of July BOOK EARLY If this falls on a weekend, the Fourth will be busy. Drinking, gambling, 100-plus degree heat and illegal fireworks — what could be better? Stick to the hotel sponsored fireworks extravaganzas if you want to avoid trouble with the police. For Fourth of July celebrations.

August Men’s Apparel Guild of CA (MAGIC) – usually the third week BOOK EARLY Once dedicated to just men’s clothes, this convention that brings in over 110,000 people now includes women’s fashion. Expect celebs galore either hawking their own clothing line, or just getting a sneak preview of what they’ll be wearing to the next awards ceremony.

September Labor Day Weekend BOOK VERY EARLY Any three-day weekend usually draws crowds to Vegas, and this one is no exception. For Labor Day weekend events.

October Columbus Day Weekend BOOK VERY EARLY See Labor Day weekend above.

Halloween BOOK EARLY Halloween can get pretty crazy in Vegas. Several of the nightclubs sponsor huge costume blowouts and with the risque nature of this town and the volume of professional dancers, well, let’s just say leave grandma at home. If Halloween falls on or near a weekend, rooms may be harder to get or more expensive. For Halloween events.

November Veterans Day Weekend BOOK VERY EARLY See Labor Day weekend above.

Thanksgiving Weekend– beginning the third Thursday BOOK VERY EARLY A surprising number of families use the four-day weekend as an excuse to hit the Strip and enjoy a fancy Thanksgiving dinner out, where the likelihood of being served dried-out turkey decreases dramatically. Many restaurants serve expansive and expensive Thanksgiving specials and discounted rooms and flights will be harder to come by.

December NFR– early December BOOK RIDICULOUSLY EARLY By the time the National Finals Rodeo is over, tickets for the following year will be just about sold out. A hugely popular event, country-Western bars and strip clubs will be packed to the gills. Rooms and flights will be harder to get. Bring your cowboy hat!

Holiday Season BOOK VERY EARLY After Thanksgiving, the entire holiday season becomes another excuse for many family members to use their additional vacation time and spend it attempting to double their holiday bonuses. Malls will be crowded with last-minute shoppers and many restaurants will offer elaborate Christmas dinners. Many Californians will drive in, so the traffic will once again be brutal and should stay that way until New Year’s Day. Book very early if you’re hoping to get good airfare and room rates.
Calendar events Las Vegas

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