Las Vegas Lounges

Las Vegas is known for many things but one thing that it’s known for is the Lounges. There are lots of high quality lounges in Las Vegas. A few of the quality lounges in Las Vegas include:

*Peppermill – This is a fantastic location because Peppermill serves a variety of things such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, weddings and of course, parties. It has been in business for over 40 years and they serve very nice portions with whatever you order.

*Dino’s Lounge – There’s live karaoke on the stage and they also have a “drunk of the month”. It’s a very popular bar as Las Vegas Lounges with lots of awesome drinks and food.

*Brass Lounge – The music is a mix of electro to popular hits and the DJ always puts on the best of hits. Sometimes they even do dubstep and depending on the night, you might be able to join in on the live rapping. There’s not a dress code so you can go and dress comfortably and have some fun without worrying about anything.

*CatHouse Lounge – Enjoy a mixture of 80’s much and hear some awesome remixes with a lot of popular music. Dance the night away with listening to a wide range of a mixture of tracks. There’s also a variety of drinks so they have something for everyone.

*Centrifuge Lounge – A mixture of hip hop, techno to the top 40 is played here at this lounge. The platform is raised at night and you’ll get to feast your eyes upon dancers doing choreographed and freestyle dance numbers.

*Drai’s – This lounge opens at 2 am and closes at around 6 or 7 am so if you want to have some fun late at night until early morning then this might be the best spot for you.

*Flirt Lounge – The flirt lounge is a combination of colors that are rich, plush fabrics, the lighting is soft and it has a lot of awesome music. There’s also a lot of televisions around the lounge so you can listen to music or watch TV.

*GhostBar – This is a unique bar and not like the others. They have a lot of fun music and you can dance the night away with someone that you don’t know and ot have to worry about bumping into other people.
In the mood to visit one of these awesome lounges? Let us know and we will hook you up!

Las Vegas Lounges

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