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The Moorea Beach Club is a wonderful club that provides a mixture of sophisticated bathing that provides the full European experience plus it’s private. The Daylife at the Moorea Beach Club has a lot of views that are wonderful. You can enjoy the view of the Toptional beach plus at the same time relax on lounges that are cushioned. If you want a massage on the poolside then you should look into the services that they offer and find yourself in no time at all getting a nice massage. The Moorea Beach Club is available throughout the year and its one experience that you will never forget.

The furniture and the daybeds of the Moorea Beach Club is so wonderful. You will be impressed with how the Moorea Day Beds will be so comfy. You will get comfortable fast in the daybed and find yourself not really wanting to get up. In the day time if you are wanting that is more sophisticated then the Moorea Beach Club offers the Moorea living room and the sitting area is very nice. If you want to ultimately relax then check out the Moorea Opium Beds. The day bed is 12 feet long and personalized services are included. There are other exciting things that the Moorea Beach Club offers such as the Moorea Pavilion and much more.

Hours: The hours are seasonal and subject to change. You can enjoy the Moorea Beach Club between the hours of 11 am to 7 pm.

A Cover Charge might apply.

Age: 21 years of age or older.

Number: 1-702-351-7179

Escape in the day to the Moorea Beach Club and get away from noisy kids. Enjoy having a cocktail or either a beer on a day that might be sizzling hot.

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