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Party Las Vegas has a lot of packages and many of our clients come back time and time again. It does not matter the size of the group that you have or why you are coming to Las Vegas because we provide a mixture of services and can do many things for you. You will just need to let us know ahead of time as to what all you would like to do, how long you will be in Vegas and how many friends or guests will be with you and we will make sure that we take care of you.

It doesn’t matter if you want to have a guy’s night out or if you want to just be with the ladies because we have packages for just males and females only and we also have other packages to where everyone can join in on the fun.

We can handle everything from you and can help out with the decorations, floral arrangements and can even do the pictures for you so that way all you will need to do is just focus in on having some fun. Party Las Vegas has VIP packages and this means some of the services you get will be exclusive and we can stay at your table and serve your group. We will make sure that everyone has a good time.

If you are unsure about us then please feel free to read some of our testimonials below. You will notice that people from around the world use our services when they come to Las Vegas and lots of them come back again because they had such a good time.

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Sonia Sidhu

@LasVegasParty thx for the hook up last nite. that was AWESOME!!!! we had such a great time @ Surrender nightclub

“I cancelled my reservations through another company and went for you guys instead – and it is well over worth it! You guys did such a good job, thank you so much, you’re the best seriously.” Mike F., Seattle WA.

”When I get back to Vegas, I’m calling you up! More than what I expected.” Dan Seattle, WA.

“I’ve never had so much fun riding in a limo in Vegas. You get everyone involved, everyone excited – you know what you’re doing. And our table is perfect. I love it. I appreciate it all,

“I’ve never been to Vegas, so I wasn’t sure what I was getting into with you guys. But you’re fucking awesome. I’m gonna tell all my friends about you guys. We’re happy, good shit.”
Vishal G. Winnepeg, CANADA.

“I’m having so much fun! I’ve never been to the VEGAS sign, this is perfect!”

“Dude you guys are awesome. Best party planners ever!”
Regina C., L.A., CA.

“Well done, Well done. Best bachelor party ever.”
Patrick E., Indiana.

“So awesome, I’m definitely gonna remember you guys. Such a fun night!” – Jane L., Baltimore MD.

Texted testimonial from Sean:
“Awesome time!!! Merriliz is great!! The whole night exceeded my expectations! Well worth it! Thanks!!!” – Sean G., Missouri.

“I’ve been to Vegas numerous times before, and this is the best time I’ve ever had.” – Jackie T., Sherman Oaks, CA.

“I need to use you again, you guys are good.” Damon R, San Jose, CA.

The bachelor group

Richie R.

“We use you every time we’re here from Canada.”
-Andrew L.
“Amazing time, you’re the BEST.”

“Our table’s right next to Slick Rick. That’s dope.”
“Thank you for bringing all the lovely ladies to the table; you’re so hott Merriliz!”

“This is brilliant” – Damon M., UK.

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