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When you feel like experiencing Vegas like no other, it’s all about the VIP treatment. A special VIP Host will take all of your partying needs at whatever club you feel like letting loose at. Our VIP Hosts understand that you’re paying extra to be treated like royalty and will make sure to do everything they can to make your VIP experience fun and memorable.

All of the biggest clubs in Vegas have their own VIP hosts who handle clients the minute they walk through the doors up until they are ready to leave. If a client wants a certain mixer for their bottle of vodka or any other type of booze, the VIP host will make it happen. Of if a club-goer is getting rowdy with a VIP guest, then that VIP Host will contact security to handle the situation accordingly.

But VIP hosts are VIP hosts go above and beyond the regular call of duty at a club and will actually go and meet you at the airport or hotel lobby and will make sure that your stay in Vegas is one to always remember. They’ll make sure you your favorite drink in the limo, will go and be a tourist with you and take photos of your time in Vegas and will even set up VIP entry to whatever club or venue you feel like hanging out at with absolutely no waiting in line. They’ll set up your bottle service for you so there are no surprises or hidden fees.

Our VIP Hosts are beautiful ladies who know how create a good time for all and will help make your stay in Sin City that much more enjoyable. They’ll help with practically anything you need and will show you the ins and outs of the city, while making you feel right at home!

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