Sand Dune Buggy Rides In the Las Vegas

Put on a helmet and strap yourself in for the ride of your life in a dune buggy across the Las Vegas Desert. This is a totally unique and fun way to experience the beauty and thrill of the desert as you are truly “off the beaten path.” This is what we call ‘Sand Dune Buggy Rides’.

While we want you to experience the thrill of racing through the desert in a vehicle uniquely designed to navigate the terrain, safety is of utmost importance. All dune buggies come equipped with roll cages and harnesses, and you will be wearing a helmet and goggles. Before heading out, you will also be thoroughly prepared to drive the buggy. Most people think driving a dune buggy is a lot like driving a car, but it is very different and you are going to love it.

We have four different excursions to choose from. Choose one or choose them all because each is a very unique and different experience.

The most popular excursions are the Mini Baja Chase and The Family Fun Romp. From 30 minutes to two hours, these two rides are a great way to get started. These tow rides include roundtrip transportation to and from your resort, helmets, goggles, and bottled water.

The Mini Baja Chase is a fun desert excursion through 15,000 acres of dunes. You will be chasing a trained guide driving at a frantic pace, who only slows down if you slow down. This ride is for those desiring the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Sand Dune Buggy Rides

The Family Fun Romp is designed for families with children. You will still get to explore the dunes, but at a slower pace. Four and Six seat buggies are used for this ride, although there are some one and two seat buggies that will be available.

The Armargosa Tour and the Valley of Fire Nature tour are slow scenic rides, taken at your pace. These excursions include round trip transportation to and from your resort, helmets, goggles, lunch, and bottled water.

In the Armargosa excursion, you will get to spend the day driving the dunes to Armargosa while exploring the tallest free standing dunes in North America.

The Valley of Fire Nature Tour is an 18 mile excursion that will have you exploring Nevada’s oldest and largest state park. You will see some amazing terrain and wildlife.

If you have a group you want to experience the desert with, we also have amazing group tours.

We have a buggy ride for everyone from the adrenaline junky to families to those wanting to take in the breathtaking scenery of the dunes. Contact us for more details about our amazing Dune Buggy excursions and to schedule your ride today. Sand Dune Buggy Rides